PAC Overview

Your School Your Community – January 2019

The Frank Hobbs Parent Advisory Council provides:

  • an opportunity for parents to become more aware of education
  • opportunities to meet staff and community
  • a chance to share input with school concerns and educational changes
  • support to students, staff and other parents.

The PAC meets on a regular basis to consider school issues of concern to parents and to organize events, activities and programs intended to enhance the educational climate and community spirit of Frank Hobbs. Minutes of these meetings are kept and posted on the Parents’ Bulletin Board in the main lobby, on the Frank Hobbs webpage, as well as items in the school newsletter.

The Parent Advisory Council is not a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students, parents or other individual members of the school community. An executive member who is approached by a parent with a concern is in a privileged position and must treat such discussion as confidential. With regard to individual concerns, the role of PAC is to advise the parent on how to present his/ her concern and to ensure that there is an appropriate protocol to hear about individual concerns or complaints at the school as well as the district level.