Our TRACK PROGRAM at Frank Hobbs will commence this week. Our school field has been lined with a 100 metre straight track and a 200 metre oval track in preparation for our practices.

Athletes in Grade 3, 4 and 5 will have the opportunity to participate.

Grade                         Head Coach                           Event                                                 

3                                  Mrs. Johnston                        800 metre, 100 meter, Relay

4                                  Mr. Ellison                             800 metre, 100 meter, Relay

5                                  Mr. Shortt                              800 metre, 100 meter, Relay


Note: An athlete can participate in one individual event (800M,100M) and one relay. We are permitting to enter 3 participants in each of the grade 3, 4 and 5 girls and boys 800M races. Our top 5 runners per age and gender qualify to run in the 100M. We are permited to enter our top 5 relay teams per age and gender.

Our training will take place at Frank Hobbs as part of the Physical Education program. Students will be taught proper warm up techniques and correct sprinting and long distance running forms. Students will then be involved in a series of “run offs” to identify our fastest sprinters and 800 metre runners at each grade level.

All students will be placed on a relay team. The four fastest sprinters will form the “A” relay team; the next four fastest sprinters will form the “B” relay team and so on, until runners are placed on a team or will become spares. All relay teams will be practicing in PE and all runners are encouraged to participate in the zone meet.

Students are encouraged to wear running shoes and shorts to their training sessions in order to run at “full” speed.

Our ‘Zone’ Track Meet will be held at Centennial Stadium on Wednesday, May 24th from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. We will be facing runners from Willows, Sir James Douglas, Hillcrest, Campus View, Torquay, Margaret Jenkins and Ecole Bodeur. Those runners who finish first or second in “A” or “B” flight races in our zone, will have the opportunity to run against the fastest athletes representing the other four “zones” at the City Finals on Thursday, June 1st.

Those parents who would like to assist with the Track Program may contact their child’s coach for further details.

We look forward to a great track season!


Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Ellison, Ms. Benton, Mr. Shortt.